Zooming and travelling are two sides of the same coin

GG: […] Everything has to be precise in book-printing, you see. Now everything’s simply flat. Electronics is flat as a pancake: there are merely assertions that space exists.

EP: On the website of the archive, you have nevertheless managed to stretch this ‘flat’ space a great deal, particularly by using extreme photographic enlargements. The public is able to go so deeply into the object depicted that it appears to be something else, something different.

GG: This movement into the image is, for me, precisely the same as travelling out into the world. Zooming and travelling are two sides of the same coin. It’s a question of seeing through the conventions, of seeing one’s own culture from the outside – or trying to go as far as possible into it.

The Graphical Interface of the Archive, An Interview with Guttorm Guttormsgaard, Ellef Pretsaeter, in Forms of Modern Life, p210.


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