Professor O’Blivion

Bianca: This is him, this is all that’s left.

Max: What are you talking about?

Bianca: Brian O’Blivion died quietly on an operating table 11 months ago.

Max: The brain problem?

Bianca: The videodrome problem. You have it too.

Max: But he was on that panel show with me.

Bianca: On tape; he made thousands of them, sometimes 3 or 4 a day.
I keep him alive as best I can, he had so much to offer.

My father helped to create videodrome he saw this next phase in the evolution of man as a technological animal and when he realized what his partners were going to use it for he tried to take it away from them and they killed him, quietly.

At the end he was convinced that public life on television was more real than private life in the flesh.

He wasn’t afraid to let his body die.

Max: Tell me about my videodrome problem.

Bianca: My father knows much more about it than I do.
(hands Max a stack of videotapes)
Listen to him.

Bianca reveals the secret behind Professor O’Blivion
Professor O’Blivion appears on the Rena King television show

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