Funes the Memorious

He was, let us not forget, almost incapable of ideas of a general, Platonic sort. Not
only was it difficult for him to comprehend that the generic symbol dog
embraces so many unlike individuals of diverse size and form; it bothered
him that the dog at three fourteen (seen from the side) should have the same
name as the dog at three fifteen (seen from the front). His own face in the
mirror, his own hands, surprised him every time he saw them.

With no effort, he had learned English, French, Portuguese and Latin.
I suspect, however, that he was not very capable of thought. To think is to
forget differences, generalize, make abstractions. In the teeming world of
Funes, there were only details, almost immediate in their presence.

from Funes the Memorious, Jorge Luis Borges, Labyrinths, Translated by J.E.I., pp 69-74

Images from Networked Labour Workshop conducted at the Hackers & Designers Summer Sessions, Amsterdam, 2016.

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