Arcane 17


Arcane 17 is a text by André Breton written at the end of the war while traveling on the East Cost of Canada. Arcane 17 is a book object that contains text, images and objects.

The Adam Biro editions have published a facsimile of the original notebook together with a transcript of the text and the integral text as approved by Breton.

For a comparative vandalist, several exciting questions immediately come to mind: where is the book? How the different “versions” delineate a different book? How the different text-ures (handwriting, words from newspaper clips and ads, symbols of the annotation, typed text, etc) relate to each other?

(Apologies for the bad photo quality, poor cell phone camera)


transcript-02 transcript-01.jpg manuscript-07 manuscript-06 manuscript-05 manuscript-04 manuscript-03 manuscript-02 manuscript-01

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