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Emotion and intelligent artifacts

“In a footnote Pickard reports that in lab experiments with students playing the computer game Doom, signs of stress came less with the appearance of a new deadly enemy (the intended site of emotional affect) than during times when students were experiencing difficulty configuring the software.” in Suchman, L. (2007) Human-Machine Reconfigurations. Cambridge University Press, […]

How to develop a picture from a corpse’s eye

“The morning of November 16, 1880, Wilhelm Friedrich Kühne (1837–1900), a professor of physiology at the University of Heidelberg, dissected the head of an executed murderer in his dark room within minutes of the man’s death. Kühne worked around the contracting muscles in the left eye socket to remove the eye and develop an image […]

How the brain recognizes faces

Eyes for visually impaired

“Dulight uses technologies in deep learning, image recognition and speech recognition to help visually impaired people identifying people and objects in their lives.”

It stops the voices

153 00:22:56,202 –> 00:22:58,408 I can hear myself. 154 00:22:58,495 –> 00:23:01,069 – You hear your own voice? – Yes. 155 00:23:01,165 –> 00:23:03,834 – Good. – You called me a scanner. 156 00:23:05,502 –> 00:23:07,542 What is that?