Experimental vandalism (abstraction is unavoidable)

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I believe, however, that vandalism only reaches its full bloom when it goes beyond its purely empirical form and becomes experimental. (Jorn, Ting & Polis, 1964)

In my book: La langue verte» i have an image of Tezcatlipoca with his leg on the mirror. What I do not understand is the hand he puts around his nose. The parallel to the swedish image i have on the opposite page i find obvious Fig.85-86. and in 87 too a man holds a hand in his hand. I do not believe in immediat solutions of these things. To mee it is first of alle the possibility of associating things systematically, and then see what happens, when elements enougt are available […]

Abstraction is inavoidable in systematic thinking, and in the non-systematic too, then it is too a system, an antisystematic system. It means only an unconscious system, spontaneous if you like, but with a predetermined pattern. My method is systematically in-konsequent and non-cronologic without other determinations and conclusions except the choice of subject and what eventualli comes out of the puzzle. Some peaces comes to fit together and make groups of relations and perhaps more general visions comes out of it, or perhaps not. So my questions have only the scope to force you to break up my combinations if you see that they are wrong, and put them together in another way if you see a combination, or if you have some pieces to join. It is a game. You don’t know exactly what comes out. (Jorn in letter to British anthropologist Francis Huxley, 1969)