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or maybe photo cvpier (pixels and character machine)

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While we've been thinking specifically of EPUB as a format for publishing, rather than targeting just today's (rather niche) e-readers, we're more interested in an approach to digital publishing as a means of:

  • Distributing self-contained "units" that are...
  • Indexed and free text searchable
  • Downloadable (in useful formats for both reading and (re)writing)
  • Remixable (a "photo-copier" model of easily copying portions of several documents and binding together in new bundles or mini-publications)

Significantly, we look at and consider:

  • Images and the use of machinic vision algorithms (including OCR) as a means of bridging between text and image (and consider what image indexes do and can mean)
  • Generativity: how might for instance figures be dynamically determined and/or generated to produce on-the-fly generated, one of a kind electronic publications
  • Linking via Language processing tools such as those based on NLTK (textblob and pattern) as extensions to reconsider/revisit literary practices such as quotation, reference, and their corresponding hypertext equivilients of the hyperlink.

We imagine a hybrid workflow using existing tools such as:

  • mediawiki (this one!) to provide an editing backend


  • An "orderings style" interface where one kind bookmark / snapshot configurations (layerings, croppings), and embed these in other writing contexts (ie wiki page, blog post)
  • Support for "backlinks" or pingbacks to / from these image configurations (ie when browsing via orderings, you come to find links to blog posts where (some portion) of an image is embedded).

Related projects like Constant's verlag and WDKA's Beyond Social provide some useful points of departure and comparison.

(BOOK LAUNCH? Nov 24 2016)

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