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NSFW “dreams”

In September 2016, engineers at Yahoo released a machine learning model trained to detect “NSFW” images. The acronym NSFW, “not safe for work”, is net slang for images with typically nudity or graphic sexual content. Recently (October 2016) PHD research Gabriel Goh has released experiments applying a means of generating images from such models. […]

Funes the Memorious

He was, let us not forget, almost incapable of ideas of a general, Platonic sort. Not only was it difficult for him to comprehend that the generic symbol dog embraces so many unlike individuals of diverse size and form; it bothered him that the dog at three fourteen (seen from the side) should have the […]

The princess and the pea

"Edmund Dulac – Princess and pea" by Edmund Dulac – Stories from Hans Andersen, with illustrations by Edmund Dulac, London, Hodder & Stoughton, Ltd., 1911.. Via Wikipedia. Trying to come to grips with how a visual search engine works, I worked my way up to Chapter 7 of Programming Computer Vision: Searching Images. The […]

Professor O’Blivion

Guttormsgaard: A random walk (the movie)


As with their ancestor, perspective, today‚Äôs binary seeing machines, have managed to convince us that now we really can possesses an infallible method of representation: a system for the automatic and mechanical production of truths about the material world. That is, if we buy the new 15-megapixel cell-phone with the Adobe plug-ins that will no […]

ASCII vandalism

Mimic is a project that replaces characters in the ASCII character set with more obscure equivilents possible with the extended unicode set that happen to look very similar.

Super Resolution

The image as a database containing echoes of itself. Abstract: Methods for super-resolution (SR) can be broadly classified into two families of methods: (i) The classical multi-image super-resolution (combining images obtained at subpixel misalignments), and (ii) Example-Based super-resolution (learning correspondence between low and high resolution image patches from a database). In this paper we propose […]

KHIO Performative Lecture

Notes from a “performative presentation” made at the KHiO, Oslo Norway Thursday 15 October, 2015

Degenerate images

Running the “orderings” code on a larger selection of images from Guttorm Guttormgaard’s collection (still under construction), several images caused the code to break as “exceptions” (unexpected errors or situations occured). The first image caused the texture processor to throw a mysterious floating point exception. In a later pass, the following image caused an exception […]